EarthChem Portal Integrated Table Display Options


Advanced Output Options


After setting the query constraints and clicking Get Chemical Data, you are presented with a number of display options for the final data table (see image to the right, click to enlarge). This page shows examples for some of the different display options, using the initial data query for Ocean Feature = Gakkel Ridge.



1. Default display


Under the Samples to Display section, the default display is "Show samples with any of the checked values defined". This option will display samples with a measured value for any one of the checked parameters. The parameters are pre-checked with the "standard output" items. You can toggle this with the parameters actually represented in the query by clicking the button "Show Items that Exist in Current Query." Even if a sample only has one parameter in the checked list defined, it will show in your final data table.


Click the image to the left for a larger view.


2. Show samples with all of the below values defined


Under the Samples to Display section, the second option is "Show samples with all of the below values defined." If checked, this option will tend to decrease the number of samples displayed. You can clear all of the checked boxes by clicking the "Clear All Items" button directly above the parameter table.  


The example to the left shows the output if the boxes are checked only for SiO2, TiO2, and Al2O3. You can see that there are fewer samples than the first example image, and every row has a measured value reported for SiO2, TiO2, and Al2O3. 



3. One row per sample with methods and units



Under the Output Format section, the default option is One Row Per Method. However, you can check the option One Row Per Sample to make the table more compact. In the example to the left, the additional options for Show Methods and Show Units have been checked off. These options create additional columns to the right of each parameter column, detailing the method and unit of the measurement.