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Analytical Data - Deep Lithosphere

This dataset provides analytical data on deep crustal and mantle xenoliths including major and trace element chemistry, isotopic composition of bulk rock and minerals, modal abundance, fluid and melt inclusion data, host rock — xenolith relationships, and thermobarometry, as determined in the original articles.

Current Holdings - Deep Lithosphere (12/2011)

References: 193
Locations: 840
Samples: 5,356
Rock values: 63,997

Glass values: 2,454
Mineral values: 160,393

Inclusion values: 1,645
Total chemical values: 228,499

Metadata - Deep Lithosphere

The Deep Lithosphere Dataset contains abundant information about the analytical procedure and data quality (method, precision, standard measurements), and a wide range of contextual information about the samples (rock type, texture, age, modal composition, alteration), sample locations (geospatial coordinates, location names, tectonic setting) sampling process (technique, date, cruise), analytical procedures and the source of the data (references, authors).


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