What is DiamondDB?

DiamondDB is a project, funded by the Sloan Foundation, to create a community data infrastructure for diamond samples and data from diamond studies that will provide new and novel ways to access and share these data and samples.


Access diamond data in the PetDB database


DiamondDB aims to support the scientific goals of the Diamonds and Mantle Geodynamics of Carbon (DMGC) research consortium of the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO), while contributing to the overall advancement of DCO Data Science and the decadal goals of the Deep Carbon Observatory. DiamondDB will contribute to the development of digital resources and the long-lasting legacy of the Deep Carbon Observatory.

photo from Steven Shirey's gallery, https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/24795851/1/Jianhua_Mengyin?h=46cf03#gallery:0

photo credit: Steve Richardson

Why DiamondDB?

The study of naturally occurring diamond has provided a vast amount of extraordinary knowledge about the origin, evolution, and state of the Earth’s interior. This scientific knowledge is ultimately derived from data that were acquired by often expensive and irreproducible analytical measurements performed on the diamonds, on inclusions found within them, and on the rocks that contained the diamonds. These data represent a highly valuable resource for future studies, especially if they can become accessible in the form of an expert synthesis, similar to the highly successful petrological databases PetDB and GEOROC.


More about DiamondDB...

DiamondDB will have two components:

  1. A synthesis of analytical data generated by the study of diamonds, their inclusions, and their compositions;
  2. A catalogue of diamond samples as a ‘Virtual Diamond Reference Collection’.

The data synthesis will be part of the PetDB database and contain geochemical and petrological data acquired on diamonds and inclusions within these diamonds, with a wide range of metadata about the diamond and inclusion samples and the analytical data quality and procedure. The specimen catalog will be part of the SESAR database and hold information about individual diamond samples such as origin, type, size, images, links to publications, and the name of the person, lab, or collection that keep the specimen.

Read the complete DiamondDB proposal.



How to Contribute to DiamondDB

There are two ways that you can contribute to the development of DiamondDB:

  1. Submit analytical data of diamonds or diamond inclusions to PetDB via the EarthChem Library. You can find instructions here.
  2. Register your diamond samples in the System for Earth Sample Registration SESAR. You can register samples individually or by uploading a completed Diamond Sample Metadata Template as a SESAR user. Download the SESAR help guide or find instruction on how to become a user of SESAR and how to register samples here.

 DiamondDB is funded by the Sloan Foundation