Editors Roundtable

The Editors Roundtable is an effort to facilitate communication and knowledge exchange among editors and publishers of Earth Science journals and Earth Science data facilities to develop guidelines, best practices, and standards for publishing with particular emphasis on the publication of data in support of open access policies, as releasing data is directly tied to scholarly publishing.

The Editors Roundtable is a timely initiative given recently implemented data policies of several journals and societies, recent open-data directives from the OSTP, NSF, and other funders and governments, and growing efforts to provide recognition for creation and release of important data.

The Editors Roundtable was initiated in 2007 by EarthChem to develop and promote best practices for the reporting of geochemical data in scholarly articles and data systems. At the Editors Roundtable at the AGU Fall Meeting 2013, participants agreed that the Editors Roundtable should extend its scope to include all Earth Sciences disciplines.



  • Goldschmidt Conference 2014 in Sacramento, USA
  • EGU General Assembly 2014 in Vienna, Austria
  • AGU Fall Meeting 2013 in San Francisco, USA
  • Goldschmidt Conference 2013 in Florence, Italy


Editors Roundtable Policy Statement

At their meeting during the 2008 AGU Fall Meeting, the Editors' Roundtable agreed on a joint editorial policy statement that establishes a common set of standards for reporting geochemical data. The policy addresses the problem of inconsistency and incompleteness of data and metadata in publications, and will help to facilitate the incorporation of data into digital data collections.


Download the Policy Statement for the Publication of Geochemical Data (PDF):

Goldstein, S.L., Hofmann, A.W., and Lehnert, K.L. (2014), Requirements for the Publication of Geochemical Data, The EarthChem Library, doi:10.1594/IEDA/100426.