Editors Roundtable at Goldschmidt 2013

The Editors Roundtable that was established during the Goldschmidt Conference 2007 to develop recommendations for best practices in geochemical data publication will re-convene for the first time since 2008 at the upcoming Goldschmidt Conference 2013.


The Editors’ Roundtable released a Policy Statement in January 2009 regarding ‘Requirements for the Publication of Geochemical Data’ to guide editorial policies and recommend best practices. Since 2009, many developments in public policies, digital publication capabilities, and scientific data infrastructure have impacted and substantially augmented the relevance of access and management of research data. It is therefore timely to take advantage of the upcoming Goldschmidt Conference and re-assemble the Editors Roundtable to assess the status of data publication practices and data access in geochemistry, and review and eventually revise the Editors Roundtable Policy Statement in the light of the new data landscape.


If you are an editor or publisher and interested to join the Editors Roundtable, please contact info@earthchem.org.