RU_CAGeoChem Central America Dataset, Volcano Descriptions, and Sample Locations

The Rutgers University Central American Geochemical data (RU_CAGeochem) includes the active volcanoes related to the Cocos-Caribbean convergent plate boundary that extends from Guatemala to Costa Rica in Central America. This dataset presents geochemical data and metadata for about 1325 samples collected by at least 40 students and colleagues. Many new Sr, Nd and Pb isotopic ratios are included here but most of the new data are metadata that provide greatly improved descriptions of the locations and status of the samples as well as estimates of data quality.


Cerro Negro and Sample locations 

Cerro Negro and sample locations



To access the dataset and explanatory notes, visit the EarthChem Library: 


Citation: Carr, Michael J.; Feigenson, Mark D.; Bolge, Louise L.; Walker, James A.; Gazel, Esteban. RU_CAGeochem v.2, a database and sample repository for Central American volcanic rocks at Rutgers University, doi:10.1594/IEDA/100403, obtained from the EarthChem Library (


Volcano Write-ups and Sample Locations

In addition, well-sampled volcanoes have additional information and KML files showing the sample locations.

Citation: Carr, Michael J., Central America Volcanoes: Cerro Negro, Ilopango, Irazu, and Telica, doi:10.1594/IEDA/100404, obtained from the EarthChem Library (