IEDA Data Rescue Mini-Award: Fiji, Izu, and Endeavour

Sample metadata and geochemical analyses from over 40 years of research in the Fiji Arc, Izu Arc, and the Endeavour segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge have been compiled by James B. Gill, at the University of California, Santa Cruz. These data have been critical in studies of intra-oceanic arcs and spreading centers.


Documentation of sample metadata are especially important for samples collected on international cruises, where samples are often shared and split, leading to differing names in the literature for the same physical sample. The Data Rescue project has ensured that the data are correct and will be available to future researchers in an easily accessible and well-documented way.


Fiji sample locations

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  • SESAR samples (172 samples) [link]
  • Fiji Tonalites dataset in the EarthChem Library [link]
  • Example PetDB data[link] from A variably enriched mantle wedge and contrasting melt types during arc stages following subduction initiation in Fiji and Tonga, Southwest Pacific 
  • Example EarthChem Portal data with IGSN links: [link] from Geochemistry of Vitu Levu, Fiji, and its evolution as an island arc

Izu Arc sample locations

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Izu Arc

  • SESAR samples (317 samples) [link]
  • Example EarthChem Portal data: [link] Across arc geochemical trends in the Izu-Bonin Arc: Contributions from the subducting slab

Full resolution Endeavour

sample location map available at the EarthChem Library



As a result of this project, we will link between SESAR sample metadata and IGSNs (International Geo Sample Numbers), publication DOIs, and PetDB and EarthChem Portal data tables, helping IEDA EarthChem users discover and navigate to all available relevant information. Accompanying detailed descriptions of the analytical methods allow users to better evaluate the geochemical analyses.



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