Mottl, M.J. (2012), VentDB: Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Vent Chemistry Data Collection in the EarthChem Library

The VentDB datasets are an effort to provide a complete set of global hydrothermal vent chemistry data. Chemical data for seafloor hydrothermal springs are fundamental to the study of mid-ocean ridge and seafloor processes, ocean water chemistry, global geochemical cycles, as well as vent ecosystems and sub-seafloor biospheres. By facilitating access to the global geochemical data set for hydrothermal springs, VentDB has a major impact on global geochemistry, microbiology, and ore deposits research.


Twenty collections have been compiled and in some cases corrected and analyzed by M.J. Mottl. Most collections are based on a site-specific locale: they contain data from multiple publications that have been combined into a single file because these publications contribute various chemical data for a shared set of samples, or samples from the same hydrothermal vent fields.


The collections include information about the references, samples, vents, raw data, end-member data, analytical methods. The Explanatory Notes document includes background information on sampling devices, methodology for selecting data and calculating zero-Mg end-member compositions for individual vents, geolocation data, and a complete list of references.



Figure. A line plot of published temperature and lowest Mg concentration measured in seafloor hot springs during 195 sampling episodes from 148 different vents. BSW = bottom seawater, GSC = Galapagos Spreading Center, EPR = East Pacific Rise, JFR = Juan de Fuca Ridge, MAR = Mid-Atlantic Ridge, SedR = sedimented ridge, BAB = back-arc basin.


Dr. Mottl welcomes contributions to the dataset. Do not hesitate to contact him at Additional vent data can be contributed using the EarthChem data templates.


Michael J. Mottl, University of Hawaii, DOI: 10.1594/IEDA/100207