New EarthChem Projects & Collaborations

Nov 2012. EarthChem has established new collaborations with various geoinformatics and science partners to build new data collections, software tools, and interoperable data exchange that will support a wide range of Earth Science disciplines and major science programs in the future. They will broaden EarthChem's data holdings, and contribute to the advancement of a sustainable cyberinfrastructure, particularly for the petrology and geochemistry domains.


  • CZOData: EarthChem will contribute to the development of a data infrastructure for the Critical Zone Observatories (CZO), named CZOData, building a web-based version of the CZchemDB database of soil geochemistry that was developed and maintained at Pennsylvania State University by S. Brantley and her team. This will enable geochemical data from studies of the Critical Zone to be integrated with the diverse data types acquired by CZOs in the CZOData system, and with other geochemical data at the EarthChem Portal. Read more.
  • ODM2.0: EarthChem is part of a project funded by the Earth Sciences Division of the US NSF to develop a community information model and related software to enable web based interoperability of earth observations derived from sensors and samples that span now discrete data and informatics initiatives for multiple communities. Read more.