Geochron Data Submission Levels and User Control on Data Access and Modification

Jul 2013. Building on our experience from the IEDA and EarthChem, the Geochron database has three levels of data storage and access: private, public, and published. The submitter controls private data. These data can only be seen by the submitter or a submitter-defined group of users. Public data are discoverable by anyone visiting the site, but can be changed by the submitter at any time. Published datasets cannot be changed, and will be archived at the gold-standard archive at the IEDA EarthChem Library and given a DOI. This arrangement will completely satisfy the NSF data reporting criteria.


Publication of Geochron data is done by the user defining a dataset consisting of numerous samples. This is then published to the EarthChem library directly and seamlessly from the Geochron site. Once published, the dataset is given a unique identifier at Geochron. An example of this is from the recent paper by Blackburn and others (Zircon U-Pb Geochronology Links the End-Triassic Extinction with the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province published in Science, May 2013):