Release of new PetDB version (v.2.4.0)

Jan 2013. PetDB released a new version of its database and user interface on 14 January, 2013. With this new version (PetDB 2.4.0) PetDB extended its scope and nowcontains the entire Deep Lithopshere Dataset of mantle and lower crustal xenoliths. In the new version, we also reactivated the melt inclusion search, added an analysis comment to the database that is displayed in the search results if provided, updated the look and feel of the data availability page, and fixed several bugs related to search and station display pages. 


For more information see the PetDB Release Notes on the Development History page


In addition, PetDB has expanded its scope to include the Deep Lithosphere xenolith dataset. Over 230,000 chemical values from the Deep Lithosphere dataset have been recently merged with PetDB, bringing new data such as model age and model temperature data into PetDB. The merger simplifies access to the EarthChem data holdings. 


Let us know what other types of datasets you would like included in the PetDB database by emailing