Release of PetDB v2.8.1

Sept 2014. The new version of PetDB, v.2.8.1, includes several new features and bug fixes, including improved map view near the poles and a new quick access button to the growing xenolith data collection. Other features and fixes include:


  • Modified Diamond search now defaults to Mineral analyses instead of Bulk Rock (because the vast majority of Diamond data is on mineral analyses).
  • New dynamic link to select PetDB vocabularies (on Vocabulary page)
  • Improved display of sample classifications by showing all classifications on a sample and which reference that classification came from.
  • New display of "In Progress" references in the Reference tab, allowing PetDB users to preview upcoming data related to their search query.
  • Bug fix to point popup links to the correct station on the Sample map page.
  • Bug fix to remove duplicate "Alteration" comments in sample view.


View the full PetDB Release Notes Page.


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