PetDB reaches 500 citations in the published literature

Jun 2014. Today, June 9, 2014, we have reached the 500th citation of the PetDB database! Since its inception in 2001, PetDB data has been cited 500 times in the published and peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Use of PetDB data ranges from decoding subduction processes, to understanding volatile fluxes, to modeling of the Earth's core, proving the value of highly accessible, well-integrated data sets to the research community.


The 500th citation is:


Mohammad Ishaq Kakar, Andrew C. Kerr, Khalid Mahmood, Alan S. Collins, Mehrab Khan, Iain McDonald, 2014, Supra-subduction zone tectonic setting of the Muslim Bagh Ophiolite, northwestern Pakistan: Insights from geochemistry and petrology, Lithos,