Release of PetDB v.2.8.5

Jan 2015. PetDB has had multiple new versions released in the last quarter, PetDB v.2.8.3, PetDB v.2.8.4, and PetDB v.2.8.5. The new versions include several new features and bug fixes, including an improved display of the status of papers considered for inclusion in PetDB. Other features and fixes include:


  • New display of mineral inclusion data.
  • PetDB diamond and xenolith data now shown in the IEDA Data Browser
  • Updated code to improve security and prevent SQL injection attacks
  • Bug fix to disable hyperlinks on expeditions that are "Not Provided"
  • Deprecated the database field "data_entered" and updated the use of "status" instead, in order to better inform users of "In Queue", "In Progress", "Completed", and "Alert" papers.


View the full PetDB Release Notes Page.


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