VentDB: Major Data Synthesis of Seafloor Hydrothermal Spring Geochemistry Released in the EarthChem Library

Nov 2012. A suite of 19 regional syntheses of seafloor hydrothermal spring geochemistry have been compiled by Michael Mottl (University of Hawaii) in collaboration with EarthChem as part of the NSF-funded VentDB project and are now accessible in the EarthChem Library. Each synthesis is available as an .xls spreadsheet that contains a complete compilation of geochemical data measured from hydrothermal spring samples collected ina geographically well defined area (e.g., Galapagos Spreading Center, EPR 21N, Guaymas, etc.). The complete suite contains data from over 140 publications. For detailed information about the VentDN synthesis, please download the explanatory notes (doi:10.1594/IEDA/100207).