New versions of PetDB and SedDB released

Apr 2013.  EarthChem has released new versions of the PetDB and SedDB web applications, offering several improvements and new features. Visit the IEDA feedback page to submit your ideas for new features and improvements, browse other suggestions, and vote for ideas that you like! 


PetDB version 2.5.0

  • Map search has a new click and draw interface.
  • The MGDS GMRT (Global multi-resolution topography map) is now the basemap for Sample Info, Station Info, and Result View map pages, providing more detail of sea floor topography.
  • The PetDB Reference page displays data entry status and comments.
  • Users may download an excel spreadsheet of a single reference showing all data entered for the reference. Once a Publication (Reference, Author) search is started and results are shown, the button is under "Download Reference -> Excel" in the "Select Reference" display.


SedDB version 1.3.3