PetroPlot, a plotting and data management tool set for Microsoft Excel

Yongjun SuCharles H. Langmuir
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Columbia University
Palisades, NY 10964

Paul D. Asimow
Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences
California Institute of Technology M/C 170-25
Pasadena, CA 91125


Interpretation of geochemical data requires visualization of increasingly large data sets in multiple dimensions. Data are commonly archived in spreadsheet format, and therefore efficient visualization tools within this environment are necessary. PetroPlot is a 4000-line software code written in Visual Basic for the spreadsheet program Excel that automates petrologic plotting and data management tasks for large amount of data. The major plotting functions include: automation of large numbers of multi-series XY plots or spider diagrams; re-plotting of any complex formatted diagram with multiple series for any other axis parameters; and addition and removal of customized labels for individual data points. Other functions include: assignment of groups for samples based on multiple customized criteria; removal of non-numeric values; calculation of averages/standard deviations; calculation of correlation matrices; deletion of non-consecutive rows; and compilation of multiple rows of data for a single sample to single rows appropriate for plotting. For users of Excel, PetroPlot increases efficiency of data manipulation and visualization by orders of magnitude, and allows exploration of large data sets that would not be possible making plots individually. The source codes are open to all users.

Keywords: Excel, plot, data-management, tool

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PetroPlot runs on both PC and Mac, with Excel 97 (Office 97) or higher.

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PetroPlot Tutorial

(The development of the PetroPlot tutorial package is inspired by Professor Dennis Geist, professor Bill White,  and Professor David Christie)

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