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SedDB complements current geological data systems (PetDB, EarthChem, NavDat and GEOROC) with an integrated compilation of geochemistry of marine and continental sediments. Data can be applied to studies of sedimentology, geochemistry, petrology, oceanography, paleoclimate research, and for educational purposes. The geochemical database  contains a full range of analytical values for sediment samples, primarily from marine sediment cores. It includes major and trace element concentrations, radiogenic and stable isotope ratios, and data for a plethora of materials such as organic and inorganic components, leachates, and size fractions. SedDB also archives a vast array of metadata relating to the individual sample.


Content of SedDB has been static since 2014 and will not be updated until further notice.


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SedDB is part of the IEDA Cooperative Agreement funded by the US National Science Foundation. If you encounter any problems with the system, please report these to us. Is a reference missing? Comments and suggestions for SedDBv1.0 are strongly encouraged! Contact us at: info@seddb.org.