J.P. Brandenburg, Erik H. Hauri, Peter E. van Keken, Chris J. Ballentine (2008). ""A multiple-system study of the geochemical evolution of the mantle with force-balanced plates and thermochemical effects." EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS 276: 1-13.

 Isotope ratios measured in oceanic basalts may provide important information on the fate of oceanic crust after subduction.  We couple a dynamic model of thermochemical convection in the mantle to a geochemical model for isotopic evolution.  Mechanically strong plates are included, extraction of oceanic crust is explicitly linked to divergent plate boundaries and secondary removal to a continental crust reservoir is linked to convergent plate boundaries.  The isotopic evolution of the U-Pb, Th-Pb, Nd-Sm, Rb-Sr, and Re-Os systems are simulated in this framework.  As