C. Johan Lissenberg and Henry J. B. Dick (2008). "Melt-rock reaction in the lower oceanic crust and its implications for the genesis of mid-ocean ridge basalt." EARTH AND PLANET SCI LETT 271(1-4): 311-325

Transport of melt through the lower oceanic crust is a poorly understood phenomenon. However, it may have a large effect on the compositions of both lower crustal cumulates and the most abundant magma on Earth, mid-ocean ridge basalts (MORB). We studied gabbroic rocks from the Kane Megamullion, on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, and found evidence that melt was transported in diffuse cm-wide channels. Mineral compositions and textures indicate that melt flow in these channels is reactive. We modeled this reaction to constrain its effect on melt composition, and compared the results with MORB data.