Welcome to VentDB

VentDB is an effort funded by the US National Science Foundation to build and operate a data management system for hydrothermal spring geochemistry that will host and serve the full range of compositional data acquired on seafloor hydrothermal vents from all tectonic settings. VentDB supports the preservation and dissemination of analytical data on hydrothermal springs and plumes.


VentDB complements existing geochemical data collections such as SedDB and PetDB. VentDB can accommodate published historical data as well as legacy and new data that investigators contribute.



VentDB prototype

The VentDB prototype is a fully functional system with a limited number of datasets. It was developed in October 2011 in collaboration with M. Mottl from the University of Hawaii, and currently contains data from 10 publications.


View the VentDB Collection in the EarthChem Library

A comprehensive compilation of hydrothermal vent data, grouped by geographical location, was created by M. Mottl. These datasets and accompanying explanatory material are housed at the EarthChem Library.  Click here to see the full list of VentDB related data files in the EarthChem Library.



How to Contribute Your Data:

If you would like to contribute data to VentDB, please submit your dataset to the EarthChem Library, using the data templates provided by Earthchem. VentDB data managers will transfer your data into the VentDB database.


Comments, questions, suggestions? Please contact us at: info@earthchem.org

VentDB is funded by the US National Science Foundation at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, in collaboration with the University of Hawaii.