Technical Resources

Web Services

EarthChem web services are documented along with services of other IEDA systems at

Data Models

PetDB's database structure is an improved version of the original PetDB data model (Lehnert et al. 2000). EarthChem teammates have also been involved in the development of other data models, including Observations Data Model 2 (ODM2) (Horsburgh et al. 2016). ODM2 will form the basis of EarthChem data syntheses in the future, in part because of the flexibility to include both specimen-based and time series measurements.

EarthChem XML

The EarthChem Portal serves PetDB data published in a standard XML and served via XML-based web services. An XML schema has been developed as part of the EarthChem project to publish Geochemical data. The schema includes metadata such as location, reference, etc., chemical data, and controlled vocabularies (ontologies) for validation. See more info below.

EarthChem Library Release Notes

Check out new EarthChem Library features and enhancements in the ECL Release Notes.