We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately”.

Benjamin Franklin

The OneGeochemistry Initiative

OneGeochemistry seeks to create a global geochemical data network that facilitates and promotes discovery and access of geochemical data through coordination and collaboration among international geochemical data providers.

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The OneGeochemistry Initiative has now officially become the OneGeochemistry CODATA Working Group.

Presentations and outreach materials can be found on the OneGeochemistry Community on Zenodo.

  • Develop internationally endorsed best practices for FAIR geochemical data.
    • Define requirements for data documentation (method, samples, data quality, etc.)
  • Develop and implement interoperability standards for geochemical data to enable machine-to-machine exchange and integration of geochemical data.
    • Align with modern technology, e.g. semantic web standards.
    • Use, where possible, internationally endorsed vocabularies.
  • Develop a governance model for the organization to ensure participation and trust.
  • Develop a business model to ensure long-term sustainability.
  • OneGeochemistry is envisioned as a distributed architecture, where geochemical data are available globally using standard web services. 
  • The technology is not complex, but it does require that the international geochemistry community come together and agree on the standards (including vocabularies and ontologies) that will enable geochemical data from participating providers to be FAIR. 
  • We also need standards for sustainability (and funding).
  • Editors Roundtable recommendations 
    • Endorsed jointly by geochemical journals and databases at AGU FM 2008
    • Important high-level guidelines but insufficient
  • EarthChem XML schema 
    • Technology does not scale
    • Not a global and formal standard
  • IGSN as a globally unique, persistent identifier for samples
  • Requirements for the Publication of Geochemical Data, Goldstein et al., 2014

Events and Highlights

Project / EventDateTypeNameMore information
Upcoming Events
Previous Events
AGU 202215 December 2022SessionV42A - Data-Driven Research in Geochemistry: Status Quo and Future Possibilities III Oral
15 December 2022V42A-02 - OneGeochemistry: Progress on the Path toward Shared, Reusable, and Interoperable Geochemical Data
14 December 2022PosterV31B-01
Challenging the Status Quo: What Databases/Data Compilations are You Using for Your Data-Driven Geochemical Research? Will they still be accessible in 2030? Are your data compilations ethical?
12 December 2022Abstract/TalkIN13A-08
Global Cooperation for Interdisciplinary FAIR Data Policy and Practice: The WorldFAIR Project and OneGeochemistry
DDE Update Meeting, Paris, FR7 November 2022Programme Overview
1st International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects, Leiden, NL26-28 October 2022Programme Overview
2nd FAIR Convergence Symposium, Leiden, NL24-26 October 2022Programme Overview
eResearch Australiasia 2022, Brisbane17-20 October 2022Abstract/TalkContributions from the Land Down Under to the EU Horizon Funded Project “WorldFAIR: Global Cooperation on FAIR Data Policy and Practice
GSA Connects 2022 Denver, hybrid9-12 October 2022Abstract/Talk
GeoMinKoeln 2022 Cologne, DE11-15 September 2022Abstract/Talk
OneGeochemistry; Paving the way to true Interoperability in Geochemistry Data
Goldschmidt 2022 (Hybrid Meeting)10-15 July 2022Publishers WorkshopStandards for the Publication of Geochemical Data - Fostering the Conversation
Science WorkshopEarth Science meets Data Science: what are our needs for geochemical data, services and analytical capabilities in the 21st century?
Session in Theme 6Modern Geochemical Data Systems, Modelling Platforms and Data Standards: creating new opportunities to address scientific problems
SciDataCon-IDW Seoul 202220-23 June 2022, hybridSession Mapping the Global Landscape of Geochemistry Initiatives and Databases
SessionWorldFAIR - Global cooperation on FAIR data policy and practice
EGU 2022 (Hybrid Meeting)23-27 May 2022SessionMaking Geoanalytical Data FAIR:Managing Data from Field to Laboratory to Archive to Publication
Great DebateWhere is my data, where did it come from and how was it obtained? Improving Access to Geoanalytical Research Data
AGU 2021 (Hybrid Meeting)13-17 December 2021Abstract/TalkThe Future of X-informatics Lies in Collaborative Convergence: an Exemplar from the Global Global OneGeochemistry Initiative.
Abstract/TalkWhy Principles Matter: A Domain Repository Perspective
Nature Reviews Earth & Environment29 October 2021Publication
Time to change the data culture in geochemistry
Sci Data Con202121 October 2021SessionThe OneGeochemistry Initiative: Mobilising a Global Network of FAIR Geochemical Data to Support Research into the Grand Challenge of an Environmentally Sustainable Future
Goldschmidt 20214-6 July 2021Abstract/TalkOpen Access Beyond Publications: Data, Software, Samples
Abstract/TalkOneGeochemistry: Creating a Global Network of Geochemical Data to Support the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
EGU 202119-30 April 2021Splinter meetingOneGeochemistry - An International Initiative to Establish Data Standards for Geochemistry
SessionManaging Geochemical Data from Field to Lab to Publication to Archive
AbstractManaging Open and Fair Data in Geochemistry: Where are we a decade after the Editors Roundtable?
Goldschmidt 202021-26 June 2020Abstract / TalkOneGeochemistry: Creating a Global FAIR-Way to Access and Share Geochemistry Data
CODATA 20191 September 2019Abstract / TalkOneGeochemistry: Towards an Interoperable Global Network of FAIR Geochemical Data
AGU Fall Meeting 20191 December 2019Town HallOneGeochemistry: Toward a Global Network of Geochemical Data