EarthChem REST Service

The EarthChem REST Search Service accepts GET string variables which determine search criteria.

The target URL for the EarthChem REST Search Service is:

EarthChem Soap Search Schema

Rest Search Service Documentation

EarthChem WFS Service


The EarthChem WFS Service is a full transactional implementation of the OpenGIS Consortium’s Web Feature Server specification.

The following layers are available:

  • Isotopes
  • NobleGas
  • RareEarth_Element
  • StableIsotopes
  • Trace_Element
  • U-Series
  • VolatileGas
  • WR_Major_Element


The EarthChem WFS Service can be found at:

WFS Service Documentation

EarthChem XML

The EarthChem Portal serves PetDB data published in a standard XML and served via XML-based web services. An XML schema has been developed as part of the EarthChem project to publish Geochemical data. The schema includes metadata such as location, reference, chemical data, and controlled vocabularies (ontologies) for validation.

EarthChem Schema

PetDB EarthChem XML example

Data Models

The EarthChem team have been involved in the development of data models such as the Observations Data Model 2 (ODM2) (Horsburgh et al. 2016). ODM2 forms the basis of EarthChem data syntheses, in part because of the flexibility to include both specimen-based and time series measurements.

PetDB database schema

ECL database schema

ECP xml schema

The original PetDB data model is described in Lehnert et al. 2000.