EarthChem Library Release Notes

EarthChem Library version 3.6.9

April 2020

  1. Implemented a script for emailing ECL user survey

  2. Updated text on FAQ page

  3. Streamlined PHP script for DOI assignment, faster access to submission directory, and user download statistics.

  4. Implemented log monitoring for components of website (Checklist, FAQ) to track usability statistics.

EarthChem Library version 3.6.8

February 2020

  1. After submitting data to the EarthChem Library users are invited to fill out a survey to help improve the functionality of the interface.

  2. Users can check Frequently Asked Questions about data submissions.

  3. When updating the publication DOI in MyECL, users will receive an email notification.

  4. Related Publications and their DOIs are featured higher on ECL landing pages.

  5. File uploading instructions have been updated.

  6. Improved search capabilities for Clumped Isotope data type.

EarthChem Library version 3.6.7

September 2019

    1. Improved discoverability on Google search engine

    2. Added zip, gz to allowed file format list

    3. User contributed keywords are available on landing pages for published submissions

    4. Multiple publication DOIs can be associated with a submission

    5. Users can update their related publication DOI(s) on the myECL page after the dataset is submitted

    6. Users will receive an automated email when the release date of their dataset is one month out (see for more information about submission release dates)

    7. Added functionality to download files from URLs for long term archive

    8. Citation texts conform to ESIP standard across ECL

    EarthChem Library version 3.6.6

    August 2019

    1. Updated DOI registration feature to use the new version of DataCite's REST API.

    2. Consolidated DOI and ECL landing pages and updated DOI landing page URLs to resolve to ECL landing pages.

    3. Added Smithsonian volcano numbers to relevant past submissions and updated the DOI and metadata records of these submissions. 

    4. Migrated pre-existing cruise DOIs and IGSNs into a consolidated related identifier table.

    5. Added a confirmation message after successful dataset submissions. 

    6. Improved clarity and number of metadata fields displayed on the ECL landing page.

    EarthChem Library version 3.6.5

    April 2019

    1. Users can now link their ECL datasets to related identifiers and information such as IGSN, Smithsonian Volcano Number, and Cruise DOI.

    2. The ECL now offers REST APIs for these external identifiers and is working to expand these APIs in future releases.

    3. ECL dataset landing pages now align more closely with DOI landing pages.

    4. Users submitting to the ECL can now select if they would like to submit their dataset to be reviewed for inclusion in PetDB.

    5. Users are now able to change the release date of their dataset after it has been submitted or published. The release date may not be set more than two years beyond the date metadata was published.

    6. Improved handling of download statistics and summaries sent to users.

    7. Improved the security of personal ECL record pages.

    EarthChem Library version 3.6.4

    December 2018

    1. Users can now choose the license they would like to associate with their dataset.

    2. Improved handling of long-term archiving and bag creation. 

    3. Fixed bugs related to saved submissions and large file sizes.

    4. Improved clarity of error messages when the uploaded file size exceeds the limit.

    5. Increased file name length. 

    6. Funding source now propagates to DataCite for NASA and Other award types.

    7. Improved the automation of download statistics sent to users so that the same user does not receive multiple reports.

    EarthChem Library version 3.6.3

    August 2018

    1. Several minor bug fixes.

    EarthChem Library version 3.6.1 and 3.6.2

    July 2018

    1. Automated email notification to users with download statistics for their contributed datasets.

    2. Added additional navigation features.

    3. Several bug fixes.

    EarthChem Library version 3.6.0

    May 2018

    1. Changed submission workflow to incorporate funding award number entry into the data submission web form, reducing potential barriers to submission.

    2. ECL submission form now allows entry of multiple funding awards and funding sources (NSF, NASA, and Other).

    3. Improved validation of NSF funding awards, using NSF web service, rather than internal harvest of award subset.

    4. All datasets submitted to the ECL are now required to receive a DOI. This was previously suggested, but not required.

    5. Updated disclaimer pop-up page upon dataset download to include clearer guidance on how to cite ECL datasets.

    6. Improved the display of latitude and longitude in search by map.

    7. Improved navigation upon logout from MyECL.

    8. Styled ECL search, submit, browse, and MyECL pages to fit with new EarthChem website style.

    EarthChem Library version 3.5.1

    March 2018

    1. EarthChem Library dataset DOI records are now automatically converted to another metadata standard, known as ISO.

    2. Several small bug fixes.

    EarthChem Library version 3.5

    January 2018

    1. EarthChem Library DOI records have been updated to DataCite Metadata Schema v.4.0. This update has allowed inclusion of additional metadata, including IGSNs, geospatial coordinates, and funding awards.

    2. Automated DOI XML record generation and registration process, maximizing efficiency for ECL data curation.

    3. Automated generation of author notifications to periodically send to users with dataset download statistics.

    4. Automated updates to ECL download statistics plot at

    5. Implemented DOI XML record web service.

    6. Added new tables (cruise mapping, submission relationship, person external identifier, keyword) to the ECL database.

    7. Added XML support for database.

    EarthChem Library version 3.4

    November 2017

    1. User download statistics, including email, IP address, and submission ID, tracked internally in the ECL database, rather than in an external system.
    2. Restyled download disclaimer page.

    EarthChem Library version 3.3

    November 2015

    1. Implemented map search.
    2. Enhanced database schema by adding a new table to store geometry information, modified existing schema to link IGSN with geometry information.
    3. Generated several scripts to backfill all geometry and IGSNs into database.
    4. Generated script to automate IGSN and geometry loading.
    5. Bug fix to ensure correct datasets returned during search by IGSN.

    EarthChem Library version 3.2

    July 2015

    1. Ability for a user to save a session if a submission is incomplete and finish at a later time with the "Save Progress" button.
    2. Implemented Search by IGSN on the Search page, which returns submissions with a given IGSN.
    3. Improved author/person search to handle the combination of first and last names instead of just one or the other.
    4. Aligned the search functionality on the admin and public interfaces
    5. Admin interface improvement - align display of file names
    6. Schema improved with respect to dataset lists, coauthor lists, and status definitions.
    7. Bug fix for Chrome browser when file download includes a comma
    8. Improvement to data type selection on webform - pulls from the database, and type "SocialScience" added.

    EarthChem Library version 3.1

    February 2015

    1. Added web service to connect EarthChemLibrary to the Elsevier Science Direct web site.

    EarthChem Library version 3.0

    November 2014

    1. Updated to PostgreSQL 9.3.5
    2. Improved security of database changes
    3. Improvements to admin interface - auto generated DOI notification and .json file
    4. Added dynamically generated "How to Cite this Data" to each dataset profile page
    5. Backfilled original name of legacy files where possible, giving a more descriptive file download name.

    EarthChem Library version 2.5.2

    April 2014

    1. Improvements to Thomson-Reuter metadata generation

    EarthChem Library version 2.5.1

    February 2014

    1. Added option to save Thomson-Reuter metadata to XML file

      EarthChem Library version 2.5.0

      February 2014

      1. Improvements to admin interface: file add, replace, and remove
      2. Improvements to admin interface: additional metadata edit functionality

      EarthChem Library version 2.4.0

      October 2013

      1. Ability to upload and download multiple files
      2. Added search by datatype
      3. Added browse by related synthesis database
      4. Enhanced author entry