EarthChem hosted the online workshop Earth Science meets Data Science – Services and Systems, Policies & Procedures, Tools & Techniques for Geochemistry at Goldschmidt’s 2020 online conference. During the live event 61 researchers participated in the 4 sessions. The keynote talk, Insights into the operation of the solid Earth system from analysis of compiled geochemical data, was led by Dr. Brenhin Keller (Dartmouth College). The following session consisted of a presentation of EarthChem Systems from PI Kerstin Lehnert and Data Curator Lucia Profeta. The last two sessions were hands on training for Spatiotemporal Weighted Regression, offered by Chao Ma, Xiang Que, and Xiaogang Ma (University of Idaho), and Cluster analysis and its application in geochemistry, presented by Shuang Zhang (Carnegie Earth and Planets Laboratory).

Feedback from the workshop was highly positive, and the recordings have been made widely available through the EarthChem Youtube Channel.