Do you have data from your research that you would like to make accessible online in a trusted repository?

Watch a video on how to submit data to the ECL on our Youtube channel.

The EarthChem Library (ECL) is an NSF-funded open-access repository for datasets (analytical data, experimental data, synthesis databases) and other digital resources relevant to the fields of geochemistry, geochronology, petrology, and mineralogy. The ECL offers a complete suite of services for data preservation and access, including long-term archiving, registration of data with Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), and links to publications. The ECL recommends use of data type specific templates that have been developed in collaboration with researchers who work closely with the data types. These templates provide guidance to investigators on the inclusion of key sample and analytical metadata that maximize reusability and discoverability of the datasets. We welcome collaborations to generate templates for new data types.

The ECL has been recognized by funding agencies and publishers as a trusted repository for fulfilling Data Management requirements. To learn more, see Please contact us at info@