PetDB Release Notes

PetDB version 2.9.3 (October 11, 2018): Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug which caused errors with certain query constraints.
  2. Minor bug fixes and code improvements.

PetDB version 2.9.2 (February 8, 2017): New Feature and Bug Fixes

  1. Minor bug fixes.
  2. Added functionality for users to select usage purpose when downloading PetDB data. 

PetDB version 2.9.1 (November 6, 2017): Bug Fixes

  1. Minor bug fix.

PetDB version 2.9.0 (October 6, 2016): New Features and Bug Fixes

  1. PetDB download statistics tracked dynamically.
  2. Bug in display of enstatite values fixed.
  3. Cruise ID web service created.

PetDB version 2.8.9 (August 30, 2016): New Features and Bug Fixes

  1. Minor bug fix.

PetDB version 2.8.8 (March 18, 2016): New Features and Bug Fixes

  1. Enhanced search statistics by exclusion of bot and crawler IP addresses.
  2. Improved display of selection criteria in search.
  3. Allow sample names with hashtags.
  4. Bug fix of overlapping buttons in search.
  5. Bug fix of sample returns from map search

PetDB version 2.8.7 (October 27, 2015): New Features and Bug Fixes

  1. Search by Sample Name or Sample ID now includes and option to search by IGSN.
  2. Display of multiple age values in data tables has been improved. Ages determinations show as discrete results, with age units included.
  3. Downloaded files from the reference information page are now named "Author_Journal_Year_table#.xls", rather than "data.xls."
  4. Station info page now includes the most precise set of geospatial coordinates for each station, rather than all coordinates from all references in PetDB.
  5. Search now has improved options for inclusion analyses, including the ability to search for mineral, melt, and fluid inclusions.

PetDB version 2.8.6 (June 11, 2015): New Features and Bug Fixes

  1. Search by Sample Name or Sample ID now includes options for "equals," "begins-with," and "ends-with." instead of just "includes".
  2. Sample information page URL now uses the sample_id as opposed to the internal database sample_num.
  3. Enhanced Search statistics for internal use and development.
  4. Improved book reference citation display.
  5. Improved page number display for references.
  6. Bug fix to avoid duplicated inclusion data in the table information view. 

PetDB version 2.8.5 (January 22, 2015): New Features

  1. Deprecated the database field "data_entered" and updated the use of "status" instead, in order to better inform users of "In Queue", "In Progress", "Completed", and "Alert" papers.
  2. Added a new section for "Alert" papers in the Reference return list, which notifies users if a paper was considered for inclusion in PetDB but was determined to be inappropriate or lacked the necessary metadata.

PetDB version 2.8.4 (November 25, 2014): New Features and Bug Fixes

  1. Updated code to prevent SQL injection attacks.
  2. Updated map display on sample map page.
  3. Bug fix to disable hyperlinks on expeditions that are "Not Provided".
  4. Bug fix to correct the spelling of "longitude" in downloaded result spreadsheets. 
  5. Bug fix to correct parsing of institution names.
  6. Bug fix to unlink "comment" icon when it does not lead to a new page.

PetDB version 2.8.3 (October 28, 2014): New Features and Bug Fixes

  1. New display of mineral inclusion data.
  2. Update of the institution information in preparation for migration to a new schema.
  3. PetDB diamond and xenolith data are now shown in the IEDA Data Browser.
  4. Improved statistics on the search page to better track user behavior and guide new developments.
  5. Bug fix on the Sample Info page to correct some mis-aligned data.
  6. Bug fix to correct the display of samples on map view for certain samples. 

PetDB version 2.8.1 and 2.8.2 (August 28, 2014): New Features and Bug Fixes

  1. New quick access button to the growing xenolith data collection.
  2. Modified Diamond search now defaults to Mineral analyses instead of Bulk Rock (because the vast majority of Diamond data is on mineral analyses).
  3. Link dynamically to expedition info with cruise ID.
  4. Improved map projection for better display near the poles.
  5. New dynamic link to select PetDB vocabularies (on Vocabulary page)
  6. Improved display of sample classifications by showing all classifications on a sample and which reference that classification came from.
  7. Added display of "In Progress" references in the Reference tab, allowing PetDB users to preview upcoming data related to their search query.
  8. Bug fix to display some missing data in the inclusion data table of the Sample page.
  9. Bug fix to point popup links to the correct station on the Sample map page.
  10. Bug fix to display missing data on the Reference Info tab.
  11. Bug fix to remove dynamic links to the cruise where the cruise was "Not Provided"
  12. Bug fix to remove duplicate "Alteration" comments in sample view.

PetDB version 2.8.0 (March 7, 2014): New Features

  1. Quick access button on the search page leads to the new Diamond collection.
  2. Improved format of the PetDB Sample Info page ad Search Results page.

PetDB version 2.7.0 (October 22, 2013): New Features

  1. Direct link to the MGDS Cruise Catalog and additional information about the cruise is displayed on the PetDB Expedition page for cruises that are in the MGDS catalog.
  2. New tabs for Station Info, Sample Info, and Reference Info on the Expedition page, replacing the old buttons for pop-up windows.
  3. Updated the GMRT (Global Multi Resolution Topography) base map to the latest version.
  4. Improvements to the performance of Tag-Along data downloads, including bug fix to maintain the "Tag Along" selection when 'Next Page' or 'Previous Page' is clicked.

PetDB version 2.6.2 (August 16, 2013): New Features

  1. Several bug fixes related to Tag-along data: issue with "session expired" message fixed, pagination issue fixed, and improved Tag-along options that depend on the user's initial selection.

PetDB version 2.6.1 (July 29, 2013): New Features

  1. Tag-along data downloads to obtain additional chemical data (majors, traces, or isotope ratios) for a user's initial sample selection.
  2. New feedback path from the data download page sends a comment about a PetDB reference to the PetDB managers.
  3. New Analysis Comment field gives additional analysis metadata.
  4. New layout for Select reference list data page, including notification of "In Progress" papers.
  5. Bug fixed in PetDB Map search - now negative numbers are allowed in Chrome and IE.

PetDB version 2.5.0 (April 5, 2013): New Features

  1. User can click and draw a region of interest on the map search.
  2. MGDS GMRT (Global multi-resolution topography map) is now the basemap for Sample Info, Station Info, and Result View map pages, providing more detail of sea floor topography.
  3. Data entry status and comments are displayed on the PetDB Reference page.
  4. Users may download an excel spreadsheet of a single reference showing all data entered for the reference. Once a Publication (Reference, Author) search is started and results are shown, the button is under "Download Reference -> Excel" in the "Select Reference" display. 

PetDB version 2.4.0 (January 14, 2013): New Features

  1. Melt inclusion options have been reinstated.
  2. Analysis comment information is displayed on the search result page.
  3. The look and feel of the data availability page has been updated.
  4. Bug fixes for search queries on 'SPEC', clinopyroxene and orthopyroxene. Bug fix for incorrect information on Station display page. 

PetDB version 2.3.3 (October 12, 2012): New Features

  1. Backend has been modified to accommodate Deep Lithosphere datasets - Rock Mode data are merged with rock data. 
  2. Sixteen Deep Lithosphere references are displayed in this version
  3. Added tool tips for acronym of method, material, mineral and item type
  4. Bug fixes for incorrect character display and station comment display

PetDB version 2.3.2 (July 12, 2012): New Features

  1. Session timeout increased to allow download of larger datasets (avoiding "Session expired" message)
  2. More improvements to performance when downloading large datasets
  3. Search page URI length bug that caused application crash has been fixed

PetDB version 2.3.1 (June 12, 2012): New Features 

  1. Location precision display fixed in the Station Information Page
  2. Improved Sample Information View from the GeoMapApp portal
  3. Google Map display bug in Internet Explorer fixed
  4. Pop-up box for Pre-compile information no longer triggers page reload on closing
  5. Display of Stations with multiple latitudes and longitudes in the database fixed

PetDB version 2.3.0 beta (April 12, 2012): New Features 

  1. Sample and station information in PetDB now includes the International Geo Sample Number IGSN as a unique identifier. If an IGSN is available for a sample or station, it will be shown on the Sample Info page and Station Info page, respectively, and in sample/station lists. The IGSN links to the object profiles in the SESAR sample catalog.
  2. All search pages now feature a button for 'Start New Search'.
  3. Publication DOIs are included on the Reference Info page and links to the publication.
  4. The sample information page is redesigned and includes a clickable Google map.
  5. The station information page has been redesigned and now includes a Google map, station name, sorted sample table, and identification of start and end points if applicable.

PetDB version 2.2.3 (January 11, 2012): New Features

  1. The search and retrieval of Inclusion Data has been fixed and is added back to the 'Select Data' page. Users now can select between MELT INCLUSION and FLUID INCLUSION data.
  2. The sample list and result table now display rock classification (for example, 'basalt', 'gabbro'), rather than the rock type code.
  3. Radio buttons for selecting materials are disabled and greyed out if no data is available for the selection.
  4. The default setting of the 'Select Data' page has been changed to have no material selected.  Available chemical parameters will only show once a material is selected.
  5. Users now are alerted to make a selection between 'Individual' or 'Pre-Compiled' analyses.
  6. A SUBMIT button has been added at the bottom of the 'Select Data' page.
  7. A bug with the 'back' button has been fixed.