About PetDB

What is PetDB?


PetDB, the Petrological Database, is a web-based data management system that provides on-line access to geochemical and petrological data.

PetDB content currently focuses on data for igneous and metamorphic rocks from the ocean floor and mantle and lower-crustal xenolith samples.

PetDB is maintained by EarthChem and funded by the US National Science Foundation as part of the Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance facility .


Release Notes


System Specifications


PetDB is a data system that provides easy and fast access to comprehensive integrated global data sets of geochemical data, allowing users to extract subsets of any size via interactive interfaces. Investigators and students can customize their queries according to their research problems or course projects. The integration of data distinguishes PetDB from data archives or data catalogs that offer access only to individual data sets such as data tables from publications.

Chemical data currently stored in the database comprise major oxides, trace elements, radiogenic and stable isotopes, and analytical age determinations measured on whole rock samples, volcanic glasses, minerals, and melt inclusions.


A wide range of supplementary information (metadata) describes samples (e.g. by rock type, texture, age, modal composition, alteration), sample locations (e.g. by geographical coordinates, location names, tectonic setting), sampling process (e.g. by technique, date, cruise), archive, analytical procedures (e.g. by method, precision, standard measurements), and the source of the data (reference, author(s). These metadata are not only essential for selecting, sorting, and evaluating data properly, but they are fundamental for current and future integration with other data types, especially geospatial data, and interoperability with other databases.


PetDB's data model is generally applicable to rocks from all settings, and other database projects such as GEOROC and NAVDAT use it for geochemical data of land-based samples. The schema can accommodate geochemical data for other sample types (e.g. hydrothermal fluids, water). For more information see Lehnert et al. (2000).


Management Structure

PetDB is managed as part of EarthChem and the IEDA (Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance) Data Facility, at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. You can find more information here: