Recent News

  • SedDB Status Report in the GeoPRISMS Newsletter

    May 2012. The Spring, 2012 GeoPRISMS newsletter contains a brief status report on SedDB and its data holdings. 


    Access the Status Report and other SedDB publications on the EarthChem Publications page

  • Your Guidance for EarthCube Requested

    May 2012. Please help! We need your views ASAP on how easy (or hard) it is to find, get, and use data, models, and computational/visualization tools.


    We want you to help guide EarthCube, a bold new NSF initiative to create an integrated data and knowledge management system for the geosciences.


    Researchers funded by NSF want to know your views on the needs in data and cyberinfrastructure across the geosciences. Because data discovery, access, and use is such an integral part of what we all do now, we encourage you to click the following link and take the survey ASAP *


    We also encourage you to register on the EarthCube website ( and get involved in the conversations that are taking place about EarthCube. Survey results will be shared with NSF, posted on the EarthCube website, and presented at the EarthCube community meeting this June.


    *This link takes you to a survey to capture your view on how to best advance data-enabled geoscience. Your participation is voluntary. Your identity will be kept separate from your responses and be kept strictly confidential. Only aggregate findings will be reported. As for all surveys of this kind, it starts with a voluntary consent form. Please share your views by clicking on the above link and tell us what you think.


  • New EarthChem website

    April 2012. has a new look!


    We have expanded the website so that it includes information about all the geochemical data systems managed by Integrated Earth Data Applications (IEDA). The content you are looking for may have moved. Please contact if you have any questions about the new site.

  • Global Fe-Mn Crust Data Set

    April 2012: A fully integrated version of the Fe-Mn crusts dataset of 3900+ samples orginally compiled by F.T. Manheim and C.M. Lane-Bostwick of the USGS. Click to access the data in the EarthChem Library.