Recent News

  • Release of the VentDB prototype database

    October 2011. GfG has released the prototype of the VentDB data system for public testing. VentDB supports the preservation and dissemination of analytical data on hydrothermal springs and plumes, complementing the existing geochemical collections PetDB for igneous and metamorphic rocks and SedDB for sediments. The VentDB prototype is a fully functional system with a limited number of datasets. We encourage user to provide feedback about the functionality and usability of VentDB to


    VentDB is a collaboration between Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University and the University of Hawaii


    If you would like to contribute data to VentDB, please follow the guidelines on the GfG Contribute page.  

  • New Data loaded into Deep Lithosphere - Sept 2011

    Current Deep Lithosphere Data Set holdings
    References: 173
    Locations: 809
    Samples: 5,030
    Total observed values: 200,619
    Observed values for rocks: 57,695
    Observed values for minerals: 140,811



  • Workshop on data reporting for Ion Microprobe geochronology

    September 2011: Organizers Doug Walker (University of Kansas) and Joe Wooden (USGS/Stanford) are holding a workshop on data reporting for Ion Microprobe geochronology. It will be held at the Green Earth Sciences Building at Stanford University, all day on Sept. 9, 2011. 


  • IEDA at Goldschmidt 2011, August 14-19, Prague Congress Centre, Prague, Czech Republic

    August 2011: IEDA at Goldschmidt 2011: Learn about our Data Services from Databases to Data Management Plans.


    Please visit IEDA’s exhibition booth (booth #31) at the upcoming Goldschmidt 2011 conference to learn about our data services for Geochemistry:

    • Data access & synthesis at EarthChem, PetDB, SedDB, Deep Lithosphere Dataset
    • Data visualization with GeoMapApp
    • Using the IEDA Data Management Plan Tool for your NSF proposals
    • Submitting geochemical data to EarthChem
    • Registration and identification of your samples with the International Geo Sample Number IGSN
    • Managing your samples at the System for Earth Sample Registration
    • Data publication with IEDA
    • VentDB: See the prototype of the new database for seafloor hydrothermal spring geochemistry